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facebook and a long line of Radiohead

I hang up my keys and turn on the light. I put down my phone, take off my shoes and socks, and put on my slippers. Put on slippers and music, slow enough to match the cursor blink. The sound … Continue reading

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(reverse) culture shocks, through beer

For an American in France, culture shock does not exist. Culture shock refers to the jarring discomfort and isolation that can result from living in a culture that is different from one’s home culture. Now that I have spent multiple … Continue reading

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What it’s like being a real person

“What’s it like being a real person?” Recent college graduates hear this all the time, especially if they choose not to go directly to grad school. It is an ironic sort of question that diminishes the importance of being a … Continue reading

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November dreams of turkey, gravy, and stuffing

Shorter days and colder temperatures have triggered in me much thinking about food. For most animals, food is just something that needs to happen. I envy the simple intensity of my dog Cali’s desire for food. When I ask if … Continue reading

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